Friday 16th March

We welcomed Abbie and some members of our PTFA into assembly on Monday morning. Abbie is from the Ronald McDonald House charity and she came to thank the children for the money they had raised in their recent silly sock day and to explain a bit more about the charity too.

Ruth Stringer has been in several times this week too, supporting our year 4 class in the Lead Creative Schools Maths project. The children have been very busy creating their Maths Islands – we will be launching this in an event on March 22nd. Parents of year 4 children will be able to come and take part and the whole school will be involved in the games and activities created.

Mrs Balkwill organised a fabulous enrichment day for our KS2 pupils.

Children were able to choose an activity from Forest Schools, Arts and Crafts, Drumming, Drama, Sports and Board Games. Many thanks to all the staff involved in the planning and preparation of this event. The children were buzzing about the activities during our sharing assembly!

Another dose of snow unfortunately so another day of decision making and close communication with the Local Authority to arrange site clearance and gritting. It’s difficult for me to inspect the site as I live quite a distance away but make decisions based on advice from local staff. There is no more snow forecast but temperatures are set to drop again tonight so ice will be a factor tomorrow.

At the moment we plan to open and run breakfast club as normal. I will be there as early as possible to ensure we are safe to do so. Please be very careful on your way in to school and don’t take any unnecessary risks. If you have a spare hour and a shovel and would like to help clear the yards etc your support would be very much appreciated!

Mr Langdon is on a training course this week in China! A fabulous opportunity for him to experience a different teaching culture first hand. I’m really hoping he brings back some exciting new strategies to try to continue our developments in maths teaching.

Don’t forget our Social Media awareness session led by PC Cath in the hall at 3 30 tomorrow.

Mrs Joanne Bayton


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