Friday February 9th

Our Challenge Advisor Jayne Arthur was in on Monday looking at our monitoring, evaluating and reporting systems in School. These are the systems that we use for measuring the impact of our school improvement strategies, things like learning walks, listening to learners, book scrutinies and learning evaluations.

We have a timetable of these activities throughout the year and the results of the monitoring activities help us to employ our resources where they are most effective. For example, if, during a learning walk or listening to learners we realise that a member of staff needs some support or training in a certain aspect we can ensure they receive it. We may recognise a specific area that, as a school, we need support with and this may result in organising whole school training on a training day, or the need to purchase resources that would help improve our practice – maybe new reading books or a maths scheme.

It’s really important that our monitoring processes are effective and that all staff are involved in monitoring their own subjects and in feeding back results to colleagues to ensure all aspects of school continue to develop.

All these self evaluation processes lead to our School Development Plan. This plan forms the basis of all our actions in School over a given year. We plan to spend our budget in order to meet the targets set out in the plan. This year’s plan builds on the recommendations from last year’s Estyn inspection and concentrates on reading and writing, maths, Welsh oracy, ICT, developing assessment and feedback and also developing our monitoring and evaluation activities.

Part of our action plan is to develop and improve our reading provision for our children and also get parents involved as far as possible – hence our reading workshops this week. It was great to see so many parents attend the sessions and be able to observe their children taking part in reading activities such as Read Write inc and Guided Reading in school.

We also had two visitors from MCC in school, looking at the parking and traffic issues we have at the end of the school day. We do all we can to ensure that all our children are safe when entering and leaving the school but it is always good to get more advice!

Hopefully we will get some clearly demarcated bus bays for our school buses and taxis, some disabled parking bays and some clearer signage indicating our 5mph speed limit and one way system. The 2 officers also suggested that wherever possible parents reverse into the empty bays to park to ensure they can drive straight out once they have picked their children up with a much clearer view.

Hopefully we will be making these changes over the next few months.

I hope to see you at the parents’ forum, Tuesday 13th at 9am in the school hall.

Mrs Joanne Bayton


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