Friday January 12th

Welcome back, Happy New Year!

Straight back to it this week. Very pleased to see nearly all staff back and raring to go and lovely to welcome a new member of staff, Mrs Kath Sutherland, who will be teaching in our year 3 class as a job share with Miss Toombs. Mrs O Connell is still recovering after her knee op but fingers crossed she will be back with us soon. We pray for a speedy recovery for her and also one of our pupils who is poorly in hospital at the moment.

All staff were trained in first aid this week, learning to deal with bumps and bruises and also with CPR and use of the defibrillator. Hopefully we will never need to use these skills but it’s reassuring to know staff have them!

We had a visit from our EAS link Welsh teacher Sian Tinnuche who spent the day going through all the work Mrs Hall has done as our lead in Welsh teaching and also supporting how we teach Welsh in the classroom. Mrs Hall is working really hard to develop our Welsh oracy skills – it’s lovely to hear how much more confident the children are and how they are using a wider range of vocabulary too.

I have received a number of complaints again this week regarding our car park, particularly at the end of the day. I’ve tried to get out there at the end of the day – not always easy as this is the time that lots of parents ask to see me, just before they pick their children up! I know how pushed for space we are and we now have 2 taxis and a bus picking children up – please allow them room to park and avoid parking opposite them as this narrows the road and prevents the flow of traffic. And remember to use the empty bays where possible too!

Kerbcraft is starting for year 1 next week, our Creative Schools project with Ruth Stringer in Year 4 is underway and year 5 continue their swimming lessons thus half term. We have also been informed that Mr Langdon has been accepted as part of a cluster maths working project and he and 3 colleagues will be visiting China later on this term to observe maths teaching! What a wonderful opportunity for him and also for our School who will benefit from his increased knowledge and understanding of the best teaching methodology!

We have sent our nomination forms this week to become a parent Governor. Please do consider this exciting opportunity to become more involved in school life. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you require any further information

Mrs Joanne Bayton


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