Friday December 8th

Firstly apologies for the lack of blog last week, especially to loyal reader Steph Hall! My mind is elsewhere at the moment and I simply forgot!! We had an email 2 weeks ago from Estyn asking for a report on the impact we have made working on the 6 recommendations from our inspection in September 2016. It sounds like an easy task as we have done so much and made really strong progress in literacy, maths, Welsh, ICT, assessment, marking and feedback and developing leadership over last year or so. The problem is they want a report in 4 sides of A4 and it’s really hard to condense all our achievements into such a short list!!

It was really pleasing to attend a meeting on Monday with our challenge advisor, MCC personnel Will McClean and Sharon Randall Smith and the cabinet member for education Richard John and to hear that strong progress has been made, especially this last few weeks where all our efforts and hard work have really started to come together.

I did manage to escape from the computer screen for long enough to visit Thornwell Primary in Chepstow this week, pop to Magor to pick up some application forms for our vacancy and attend a MAPS meeting on Tuesday!

Mrs Hall has sent me this picture this morning (Sunday). Doesn’t the school look lovely?

The decision to close school is never an easy one to make. I will be in full consultation with the caretaker, staff and chair of Governors tomorrow morning to assess the site and safety for the children and will make that decision by 7 30am. We will be publishing on our website, Twitter and via School Comms. We have to ensure there are enough staff able to get to school safely to be able to supervise the children, a Child Protection officer needs to be on site and above all we need to be sure that it is safe for the children. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If anyone has a spare hour and a shovel and would like to help ensure School can open safely as soon as possible your help in the morning would be greatly appreciated!

Please watch our website and Twitter feeds for the most up to date information.

Mrs Joanne Bayton


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