Friday June 9th

It only seems like a matter of weeks ago that we were preparing for Christmas and yet somehow we are about to start the final half term of the year!! Traditionally this was always the ‘best’ half term with trips, sports, good weather and the long summer holidays to look forward to. However we seem to cram more and more into this half term – assemblies, residential trips, target setting, performance management reviews, welcome meetings, moving up day and Leavers’ Services to name but a few! And all this in the 30 days we have left! 

This week Jayne Arthur our challenge advisor visited to carry out a book scrutiny, this time looking at our maths books. We are concentrating all our efforts on making improvements in maths and hoping to have the same positive impact we have had on our standards of writing. We are looking at all aspects of maths from the way we plan and differentiate skills to meet the needs of all learners to the way we set out and record a maths lesson in our books. We will carry out a review at the end of the month,  with the support of EAS, to see how much progress we have made and also to put in place plans to continue improvements in September. 

We have also welcomed the 5 candidates we have shortlisted for the vacancy for September to school this week. We have watched them all teach (one candidate to teach on Monday) and their performance will help us make the right appointment. Formal interviews will take place on 21st June and I will inform you all as soon as possible after this date of which year groups the staff will be teaching from September. 

Sports day is planned to go ahead on Tuesday afternoon providing the weather is kind to us! Keep your fingers crossed! I am out of school at the Monmouthshire Heads conference on Thursday and Friday next week. 

Mrs Joanne Bayton


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