Friday May 26th

How do we measure success? 

This week we have finalised the data for the children in year 2 and year 6 – the end of key stage data. The results feed into our overall categorisation and we are benchmarked or ranked against other schools in our cluster, in our ‘family’ of schools (schools judged to have the same or similar challenges as us) and those schools with similar numbers of children claiming free school meals. We are then placed into a quartile position -quarter 1 being the top 25% of schools and quarter 4 the bottom 25% in a number of categories. – English, maths, science for KS2 and PSD for foundation phase. 

Obviously quarter 1 is our aim but if we get as little as 2 pupils who don’t reach the expected level then this can push us into quarter 4 – the margins are pretty tight! We set targets at the beginning of the year and work towards these over the year, providing extra support to those children who are in danger of not meeting their targets. So if we meet our targets and get placed in quarter 1, does that make us a successful school? 

Yes, but there are also many other measures. Mrs Bawler summed this up in a recent post on social media. 

I really couldn’t have put this any better – I also feel proud to work in a school where all staff give over and above every single day; where parents volunteer to help with trips, listening to readers, PTFA events, sponsored events; where visitors to the school comment on the positive vibes and the busy, purposeful atmosphere and are excited by the prospect of working here; and where children – regardless of their academic ability and ‘level’ are valued, respected and encouraged to be the best person they can be. They make me smile every day with their amazingly fresh outlook on life, their love of learning and their never ending ability to amaze me with their achievements in all things they do. And that is how you should measure success, if it was then Llantilio Pertholey would definitely be the top of Quarter 1! 

Have a restful half term, an exciting and packed half term to come.

Mrs Joanne Bayton 


One comment

  1. Louisa Evans · May 28, 2017

    Well said Mrs Bayton and Mrs Bawler. Harri looks forward to the sleepover and counts the days until it arrives. It’s just one of the many things that make Llantilio Pertholey School such a special place and I count myself lucky that my children will get to spend such important years surrounded by such caring, inspiring and fantastic teachers and teaching assistants. 😊

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