Friday May 12th

All tests completed! Over the next few weeks we will be looking closely at the results of our tests to see what areas the results are weakest in. We can also see what we need to teach again and tweak our plans for teaching for the rest of this term and from September. The results of the tests will be with you later in the term, along with teachers assessments and annual school reports. 

 Emma Taylor met with Mrs Balkwill on Friday afternoon to look at our action plans for further developing our Healthy School status. As part of this we are introducing the Daily mile starting with our Challenge week next week. Hopefully the children will have collected lots of sponsors over the last few weeks too so we should be one step closer to our goal of putting some gates across the yard to allow children to play football safely! 
Mrs Balkwill and I attended some training on sharing safeguarding information on Monday afternoon and then on Thursday morning we attended training in developing middle leaders. Next week I’m out more than I’m in! Monday and Tuesday morning in school, Tuesday afternoon at MAPS, 2 days on moderation and a Church Heads meeting on Friday! 

I’ve pencilled in our next Parents Forum for  2pm on Friday 26th May, hope you can make it. 

Mrs Joanne Bayton


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