Friday March 10th

One of my favourite activities in the school year is carrying out learning observations in the classrooms. I know the teachers don’t always look forward to it as much as I do! These observations give me an opportunity to look at the teaching in the school but more importantly being able to talk to the pupils as they are learning. I can see which strategies we use are most effective and also things that, although the idea of them is good, putting these strategies into practice doesn’t always work in the classroom situation.

This round of observations was looking at progress and standards in maths and how the use of assessments helps to move the learning on. It was great to see the strategies in mental and oral warm ups for keeping all our number skills on the boil are now embedded and form a part of every teachers warm up activities.Pupils handle many aspects of number effectively and confidently in all classes and are increasingly able to apply their number skills to problem solving activities. It was very encouraging to receive such positive feedback from the parents who were able to attend our PACT sessions and also the maths homework sessions. I’m really pleased with the standards we are achieving and the improvements we are making, onwards and upwards! 

Our Eisteddfod concert on Tuesday night was well attended and the children’s performances were amazing as always! Apart from a few ‘senior moments’ on my part it all ran very smoothly. Again a massive thank you to all the staff and particularly Mr Oram for helping make such a success of the event. I’m very much looking forward to supporting all our pupils in the Abergavenny Eisteddfod on March 25th. 

I also met with all staff this week to carry out Performance Management meetings and also Pupil Progress Reviews, discussing children’s progress towards their end of year targets.

I met with the cluster Headteachers at King Henry on Thursday. Topics of conversation here included the transition music project for year 6, supply cover insurance policies and the Cluster MAT project. 

Our INSET day tomorrow is based in Risca Primary for the teachers who will be working with their Year group colleagues to see how the writing toolkit has improved the literacy standards. The Teaching Assistants have training for Welsh and I am providing some training for our midday supervisors. 

Business as usual on Tuesday though I am out of school with meetings in the morning and a MAPS meeting in the afternoon. 

Mrs Joanne Bayton


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